Facing temptation

After being baptised in the River Jordan, Jesus went into the desert. He was alone and hungry and, as Luke tells us, he was tempted by the devil. He was tempted to use his powers as Son of God for his own benefit, to provide himself with food; to follow worldly ways in order to become powerful; or to perform a dramatic stunt, jumping from the roof of the Temple to amaze the crowds. Cunningly, the devil even quoted the Scriptures at Jesus.

Jesus was being tempted to take easy ways out. But he was absolutely committed to following the will of God the Father, even though he knew it would lead him to the Cross. He trusted completely in his Father.

As we begin the season of Lent, we go into the desert with Jesus. It’s a time to renew our trust in God, and to let go of the false gods that we sometimes rely on: money, possessions or power. Jesus spent 40 days alone in the wilderness, preparing to begin his ministry. We have the 40 days of Lent to prepare ourselves to celebrate the great feast of his Resurrection at Easter.

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