Doubt no longer, but believe 

‘Seeing is believing,’ as we sometimes say. Mary Magdalene had met Jesus and told the apostles that he had risen from the dead, but they couldn’t believe the news until they saw the risen Christ. Thomas, understandably, also refused to believe until he could see for himself. When Jesus appeared to Thomas, he didn’t reproach his friend for doubting; instead, he invited him to touch his wounds and make certain that he wasn’t seeing a ghost; the crucified one had truly risen. ‘Doubt no longer, but believe,’ Jesus told Thomas. 

The disciples were led from fear to faith. Once they had seen the risen Christ and received the Holy Spirit, they went out to the whole world as Jesus commanded them, forgiving sins and preaching the Good News. We are the people Jesus spoke of; ‘those who have not seen and yet believe.’ Like Christians through the ages, we believe in the Resurrection of Jesus because of the witness of the apostles and of the Church. On this Second Sunday of Easter, we continue our celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection. We are promised life through the name of Jesus, and like the apostles, we are sent out to witness to him.

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