Father, may they all be one

In today’s Gospel Jesus, at the Last Supper, prays to God the Father for his disciples, and for the whole human race. His prayer is, ‘May they all be one.’ As we look around the world today, it seems that far from being one, we are more divided than ever. Nations are at war, in Ukraine and elsewhere. The rich are divided from the poor, the young from the old. There are politicians and others who cynically whip up division and hatred, for their own ends. Even the Christian churches are divided among themselves.

Can we overcome these divisions? Not on our own. The world’s divisions are caused by human sin. Anger, hatred, greed and violence divide people from one another, and unity can only come about by God’s grace. Jesus is absolutely united with his Father, and he prays that we will be united with one another by sharing in their love. Jesus loves us so much that he went to the Cross to save us from our sins. If we experience God’s love, we can learn to forgive those we regard as our enemies, and to seek forgiveness from those we have wronged. We can be united in the love of Christ.

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