The kingdom of God is very near to you 

In today’s Gospel, we hear Jesus speak about ‘the kingdom of God.’ But God’s kingdom is not a place that we can travel to. Christians always live in the kingdom of God. If our hearts are given to God, then God is ruling in our lives and we are living in the kingdom.

Jesus sent out seventy-two disciples to announce the coming of God’s kingdom. The signs of the kingdom that they were to proclaim were peace, and healing for the sick. The coming of the kingdom is good news for those who welcome it; but Jesus foresaw that some would reject the message. The Lord told the disciples to travel light, with no money or possessions, and to rely on the hospitality of strangers. The power of their witness would come from their own experience of Jesus. They would tell others how he had changed their lives.

This Gospel challenges us to travel light too, and to let go of anything that stops us from witnessing to our faith in Christ. To live as his disciples, we have to leave behind all of our prejudices and hatred, and carry with us only the Good News of the kingdom of God. We are witnessing to how Jesus has changed our lives.

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