We are only servants

Everything that we read in the Gospels has to have come from Jesus’ apostles. They were Jesus’ closest followers; they were the eye witnesses who went around with him, who heard his teaching and saw his miracles. The apostles told the stories that have been passed down to us in the New Testament. And yet, the Gospels often don’t show the apostles in the best light. Many times we see Jesus telling them off because they have missed the point of his teaching.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus gives his apostles yet another tough lesson. They ask him to increase their faith, and he replies that even a tiny amount of faith – the size of a mustard seed – is enough to bring about things that seem impossible. We have never seen a tree uproot itself, but Jesus uses it as a parable to show us the power of faith in God.

Jesus goes on to teach his apostles that they shouldn’t seek praise or credit for their service. A hired man working on a farm wouldn’t expect to be thanked for doing his job, and Jesus’ apostles shouldn’t expect thanks for carrying out the mission that God has called them to.

Jesus’ apostles were men who were sometimes short of faith, and needed to be reminded that it was a privilege to be called by God. We are not perfect disciples either, but the Lord doesn’t give up on us. He calls us to do amazing things, with the help of God’s grace.

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