Not a hair of your head will be lost

Today’s Gospel begins with Jesus’ disciples marvelling at the Temple in Jerusalem. It was a beautiful, impressive building that had taken half a century to build. But a few decades later, the Temple was destroyed by the Roman army. Not a single stone was left on another, just as Jesus foretold.

Jesus went on to warn the disciples of what was coming. By now, he could foresee his own death, and he foresaw that his disciples would be persecuted too. There would be turmoil in the world – wars and natural disasters. But Jesus urged his disciples not to be afraid, to put their trust in him, and hold on to the truth that he had taught them. Expressing God’s love and care for them, he told his disciples, ‘Not a hair of your head will be lost.’

There is turmoil in our world, but Jesus’ words are meant for us, too. If we hold fast to the truth and trust in him, he will save us. Our faith in Christ gives us courage.

Jesus was teaching his disciples that nothing in this world lasts forever. The Romans destroyed the Temple, but in time the Roman Empire itself fell. Every worldly empire will come to an end. Only God’s kingdom is eternal.

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