I have seen and I am the witness

John the Baptist was a man with a mission from God to proclaim the coming of the Christ. He never sought glory for himself but was content to carry out the task that God had given him. When John saw the Holy Spirit descend on Jesus, this was the sign that he was waiting for, and he pointed his disciples towards the Lord.

Where do we see God in our lives? It may be in unexpected places. A kindness, an act of truth and integrity or an apology from someone who has hurt us – these are the work of the Holy Spirit. We can miss the presence of God if we’re not paying attention. And if we have felt the Holy Spirit working in our lives, we should be ready to share our experience with others. Like John the Baptist, we are called to witness to Jesus.

John the Baptist calls Jesus ‘the Lamb of God,’ foreshadowing Christ’s giving of himself as a sacrifice for our sins. Like John, we have come to know the Lord and we are called to be his witnesses.

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