In truth this was a Son of God

On the Cross, Jesus has been stripped of his clothes and of his dignity. His friend Judas has sold him for thirty silver pieces. His friend Peter has denied even knowing him. The women who have followed him faithfully can only watch in horror as Jesus is nailed to his Cross. He is utterly alone. A few days earlier, the crowd was shouting ‘Hosanna!’ as he made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Now he cries out in the words of the Psalm, ‘My God, my God, why have you deserted me?’ before giving up his life. St Paul sums up the story of the Passion by saying that Christ Jesus ‘emptied himself,’ even to accepting death on the Cross.
Today’s Gospel ends with Jesus’ body sealed in the tomb. In Holy Week, we are invited to enter into his suffering and to walk with him to the Cross. We know that the story does not end with Jesus’ death. God the Father will raise him up in glory as Lord of the whole universe.
Sometimes we may feel alone, rejected, empty. We may wonder if God has deserted us. But we are never alone. God is always with us and is closest at the times when we feel most desperate. God will raise us up.

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