The Spirit in the Church

As we move through the season of Eastertide, we begin to look forward to the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. In today’s Gospel Jesus tells the disciples that the Spirit will be an Advocate for them – a companion to stand beside them and plead their cause. The Holy Spirit will guide the Church and keep her faithful to the commandments of Christ. Although Jesus will return to God the Father, he promises his disciples that his love will remain with them. They can show their love for him by keeping his commandments.

In today’s First Reading from the Acts of the Apostles, we see the Holy Spirit at work. Samaritans had been hostile to Jews for generations, but the people of the Samaritan town welcome Philip. He preaches the Gospel to them and brings healing to the sick – just one example of the Holy Spirit driving the mission of the early Church.

The Holy Spirit is still with God’s Church today. Whenever we share the Good News of Christ and show love to our neighbours, it is the Spirit who is guiding us. Jesus promised his disciples that, if they kept his commandments, he would love them and remain with them. He makes the same promise to us today.

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