The harvest is rich but the labourers are few

Today’s Gospel begins with Jesus feeling sorry for the crowds of people who are following him. He can see that they are lost, like sheep without a shepherd, and he is moved in his guts with compassion for them. To bring the Good News to those who need to hear it, Jesus chooses twelve men and sends them out. He sends them out with power and authority, to teach the people and bring them healing. As we know, the apostles were far from perfect. Judas would betray Jesus, and the others would all let him down in different ways. But these weak, sinful men were the ones Jesus called to go out to his people.

Many people today are lost and struggling and the Lord sends us out to them. We are all missionaries, sent to share the Good News and to bring healing to those who need it. This task belongs not only to bishops and priests, but to every baptised member of the Church. We are all given the Holy Spirit and sent out to witness to our faith. Like the twelve apostles, we may feel that we are not worthy of the task. Nevertheless, Jesus has chosen us. He calls us to be moved with compassion for his people and to share with them the faith that we have been given.

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