A precious pearl

A perfect pearl is one of the most rare and precious things in nature. For thousands of years pearls have been cherished for their beauty and their mystery – the ancient Egyptians wore pearl jewellery. A merchant who found a beautiful pearl would be prepared to pay a high price for it, in the hope of selling the pearl for a profit.

Jesus uses a parable of a pearl to teach his disciples about wisdom. A wise person knows the true value of everything. Solomon, the wisest of the kings of Israel, asked God for the gift of good judgement, understanding good and evil, so that he could lead God’s people. King Solomon knew that wisdom is a precious pearl.

A disciple of Christ understands that nothing is more precious than the gift of faith. Faith can have a high price; Jesus asks his disciples to be ready to give up everything for their faith in him. Throughout the history of the Church, Christians have been persecuted and have sometimes given their lives for the faith. Our fellow Christians are still being martyred today.

We probably won’t become martyrs, but we may have to pay a price for our Christian faith. True wisdom teaches us that nothing in the world is more important than our relationship with Christ. It is a precious pearl.

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