Truly, you are the Son of God

‘Walking on water’ is a proverb for something that’s impossible for us to do. Science has achieved amazing things, but only God can control the forces of nature. Jesus’ disciples understood this very well, and when they saw him walking across the lake of Galilee in the middle of a fierce storm they knew that this was God’s power at work. 

And yet Peter could walk on the water, when Jesus called him. He was doing fine, as long as he trusted in the power of the Lord to keep him safe. It was only when Peter felt the wind, looked down at the stormy sea and panicked that he began to sink. Jesus, as he saves Peter from the waves, gently rebukes him – ‘Man of little faith.’ The prophet Elijah, too, had to learn to trust in God and to listen for the voice of God – not in the mighty wind, the earthquake or the fire, but in the gentle breeze.

We can do what seems impossible, as long as we trust in Jesus. His power can help us to overcome our fears, our addictions, our self-doubt. He will hold us up safely in the stormiest seas, if we put our faith in him.

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