Saying ‘Yes’ to God

Jesus was teaching in the Temple in Jerusalem. The chief priests and elders challenged his authority and Jesus responded with a parable that challenged them. Two sons were both sent by their father to go and work in the family vineyard. One said ‘Yes,’ but didn’t go. The other son at first refused his father, but afterwards he ‘thought better of it’ and went to work.

The parable teaches us that actions speak louder than words. The chief priests and elders were looked up to as religious leaders, but Jesus could see that they were hypocrites who didn’t practise what they preached – like the second son in the parable, who made the right noises but did not obey his father’s wishes. In contrast, people who were considered ‘sinners’ flocked to Jesus. He offered them the opportunity to repent, to receive God’s mercy and to change their lives. Those people welcomed the hope that Jesus offered and became his disciples.

Whatever sins we have on our conscience, God can forgive us. Whatever barriers seem to prevent us from following Christ, God’s mercy will remove them. Jesus calls us to turn towards him. It’s always the right time to repent.

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