Good News

‘The beginning of the Good News about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.’ These are the very first words of Mark’s Gospel, which we hear this Sunday. Mark tells us at the start who Jesus is and that his coming is ‘Good News’ – news that will change the world.
John the Baptist came to prepare the way for Jesus. The people of that time were waiting and longing for a Saviour sent to them by God. John lived in the desert, dressed like the prophet Elijah and spoke the Word of God. He called the people to repent – to change their lives and turn back to God – and promised them that repentance would bring forgiveness of their sins. John brought the Good News that the Saviour was coming, and the people flocked to hear him.
The season of Advent is a time to look at our lives and repent. The Saviour is coming to bring forgiveness for our sins, as John the Baptist taught. It’s Good News for the whole world.

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