Wise men came from the East

On today’s Feast of the Epiphany, the wise men arrive in Bethlehem. These Magi are strange and mysterious – we know almost nothing about them, except that they come from the East and study the stars. We can imagine that they made a difficult and perhaps dangerous journey to find the newborn King of the Jews. After a stop at the palace of King Herod – who is not at all pleased to hear news of another King who might be a rival for his power – the wise men find the Holy Family. They bring precious gifts: gold for a King; frankincense for a God; myrrh as a symbol of the death that waits for Jesus.
The wise men set out in faith to find a King and their knowledge of the stars led them to him. They were filled with delight when they found the baby Jesus. This  episode in Matthew’s Gospel reveals to us that Jesus is the Saviour of all people. The light that shines in Bethlehem is a light for all the nations of the world. Jesus asks us, like the wise men, to set out on the journey of faith, trusting in him. If we bring our most precious gifts to the Lord – our time and talents – he will do amazing things with them. Jesus calls us to be brave, generous and faithful, like the wise men.

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