Come and see

In today’s Gospel, Jesus calls his first two disciples. John the Baptist points them towards Jesus, telling them that he is ‘the lamb of God.’ When the two men approach Jesus, he asks them ‘What do you want?’ Perhaps they aren’t yet sure what they really want, but it seems that they are seeking something. Jesus invites them to ‘Come and see.’ After an evening spent in conversation with Jesus, they have recognised him as the Messiah and are ready to become his disciples. Their lives have changed forever.

Each one of us has been called by name. To become disciples of Jesus, we have to be ready to hear the call – we have to be awake and listening, like Samuel in today’s First Reading. Sometimes we need the help of another disciple to guide us, as John the Baptist did. Jesus invites us to ‘come and see.’ It takes courage to open our hearts to Jesus but if we do decide to ‘come and see,’ we will find that he knows us by name and knows our deepest desires. 

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