The time has come

The first words that we hear Jesus speak in Mark’s Gospel are, ‘The time has come.’ John the Baptist had been arrested by King Herod, who wanted to silence him. Perhaps it was John’s arrest that caused Jesus to decide that the time had come to begin his own public preaching. He knew very well how it might end for him; he could expect opposition, perhaps prison and death. But Jesus didn’t hesitate. It was time to put his Father’s plan into action.

Jesus began by calling his first disciples: two pairs of brothers; Simon and Andrew, James and John. They left their job as fishermen and left behind their old life, giving up everything to follow Jesus. They knew that it was time.

Jesus’ message was Good News; sins would be forgiven and the kingdom of God was at hand. It was good news especially for the poor and those on the edges.

Today, Jesus is calling us to follow him and to share the Good News. It’s not an easy choice. Being a disciple of Christ will have a cost for us, as it did for the fishermen. But it’s always the right time to follow Jesus.

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