God loved the world so much that he sent his only Son

In today’s Gospel Jesus is speaking to Nicodemus, a leader of the Jewish people, who comes to him at night to talk in secret. Jesus’ message is good news. He tells Nicodemus that God has sent his Son into the world to save the world and not to condemn it. Jesus is the Light of the World who promises us eternal life. But we have a choice to make; to accept or reject the Good News. Nicodemus, who came to Jesus in the darkness, has to decide whether he will come out into the light.
St Paul says, ‘We are God’s work of art.’ God created us and he takes delight in us. We are saved by the gift of God’s grace, given to us freely. But we have to choose to accept God’s gift.
Nicodemus did become a disciple; he helped to bury Jesus’ body after his death. He chose to come into the light of faith. As we reach the halfway point in the season of Lent, it’s time to reflect on whether we are choosing the light of Christ and living the truth. Are we ready to receive God’s gift?

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