Peace be with you

Were the disciples happy when the risen Jesus appeared to them? No, Luke tells us, they were terrified and thought they were seeing a ghost. It’s easy to understand their fear, but Jesus shows them his hands and feet and lets them see that he has truly risen. He is not a ghost and he eats with them, as he has done so many times before. 

Perhaps the disciples also feared that Jesus would be angry with them. After all, they had abandoned and betrayed him when he was arrested. But instead, Jesus greets them with the words, ‘Peace be with you.’ He has come back from the dead, not to judge or to take revenge, but to bring forgiveness and healing. Finally, Jesus gives the disciples a mission; to witness to the truth. He has died and risen to bring forgiveness for sins, and he sends them out to share the Good News with people of all nations. 

The mission that Jesus gave his first disciples is our mission too: to bring to world the good news of the Resurrection and the forgiveness of sins. We are his witnesses today.

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