People of the truth

Jesus prays to God the Father for his disciples. He prays that they will be ‘true to his name’ and not be lost, and he asks his Father to ‘consecrate them in the truth.’ As we know, Jesus’ disciples panicked and abandoned him when he was betrayed and arrested. But after receiving the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, they became fearless witnesses to the truth. They spread the Good News of faith in Jesus Christ all over the world. They faced persecution and often death for standing up for the truth. As Jesus said, ‘the world hated them.’ The powers of this world wanted to silence the truth of the Gospel.

Still today the powers of the world are often opposed to the Gospel and it is as difficult as ever to stand up for the truth of Christ. With the rise of ‘fake news,’ it can be hard even to know what the truth is. Today is World Communications Day, when we are asked to pray for those who work in the media. Pope Francis has spoken about the ‘wisdom of the heart,’ which no technology can replace, and about the need for integrity in the media. The world needs to hear the truth and we are called to witness.

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