Fr. Frans van der Hoff

Fr. Frans van der Hoff died in February. You can read his obituary on-line as it appeared in several newspapers. He was a co-founder of the Fairtrade movement. In 1988 he worked by helping coffee growers in Oaxca, Mexico to gain a fair price by selling directly to consumers via a certification mark. Working with other organisations the idea of ‘trade not aid’ spread and  in 1994 the Fairtrade label was officially adopted. His vision of a peaceful means of asserting the rights of small farmers has had a profound effect across the world. However, sales have fallen with the cost of living crisis and the farmers face increasing costs due to climate change.
Please support our Fairtrade stall and also buy Fairtrade products when you are shopping if you can. Fr Frans abiding belief was that ‘A world with more solidarity is possible.’

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