This is what the kingdom of God is like

Jesus often speaks about the kingdom of God – it’s one of the key themes of his teaching. The kingdom of God will come in its fullness at the end of time, when the powers of this world pass away. But the kingdom begins here and now, when God reigns in the hearts of disciples. In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells his followers two parables about the kingdom. Grain grows in the earth, silent and unseen, to produce precious crops. A tiny mustard seed grows into a large shrub.

The parables teach us that the kingdom grows from small beginnings and that God gives the growth. By the time that Mark wrote his Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ had reached the city of Rome and was spreading across the world. The tiny seeds planted by the Lord were already bearing fruit.

Jesus’ parables are seeds of the kingdom of God. If we allow his teaching to take root in our hearts, we will be fruitful – God will give the growth. These tiny seeds will change our lives and change the world.

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