You are Peter…

Today we celebrate Peter and Paul, the two great apostles and leaders of the early Church. Peter was a fisherman, Paul was an educated rabbi. Peter was one of the first disciples called by Jesus; Paul only came to know the Lord after his dramatic experience of conversion on the road to Damascus. For both Peter and Paul, life changed forever after they came to know Jesus. Peter became the leader of the Church, while Paul was the great missionary and preacher who spread the Gospel of Christ all over the world. Each of them would, in the end, give his life for Christ.

Today’s feast shows us that the Lord chooses imperfect people as disciples. Peter was hotheaded and impulsive; in today’s Gospel we see him recognise Jesus as Christ and Son of God, but when Jesus was arrested, Peter denied even knowing him. Paul was a determined persecutor of the Christians until he became an equally determined preacher for Christ. It was God who gave them the gift of faith and the courage to witness to the Good News. God calls us and he will change our lives, too, if we trust in him.

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