They would not accept him

Jesus goes back to his home town and is rejected by his own people. No one denies that he is teaching with wisdom and working miracles, but they ask, ‘Where did the man get this from?’ Perhaps Jesus’ teaching is too difficult and challenging. Or perhaps they feel that the local boy has become ‘too big for his boots.’ He’s just a carpenter, after all. 

Mark tells us that Jesus could work no miracles because of the people’s lack of faith. Miracles and cures come about because someone asks for them and there are no miracles without faith.

We may be shocked that the people treated Jesus in this way. But for us too, there’s always a reason to reject the message of the Gospel. We can find fault with the preacher or with the way that the message is put across. We may feel that the things of this world are more important or more urgent. It may not seem like ‘the right time.’

Jesus always respects our free will. Faith is a choice. We have to be ready to hear the Good News that Jesus brings, and to respond with our whole hearts.

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