In 2018, Pope Francis will meet Bishops and others to talk about Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment. At this gathering they will discuss how the Catholic Church can accompany all young people in their faith and help them to hear God’s call. Everyone aged 17-29 in England and Wales are asked to take part in the Mega Youth Poll, to tell the  Church  what life is like for you, your thoughts on faith and what you would like the Church to offer for young people. Whatever your religious belief, feelings about the Catholic Church or circumstances, we want to hear your views – so please encourage your friends to take part in the poll too. It takes 15-20 minutes to fill in, and is completely anonymous. The Mega Youth Poll is open until Friday 30 June, and you can find it at:

We would also love to hear from those who care for or work with young people aged between 13-29. If this is you, please take the time to complete the separate survey at

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