Please join us for our first partnership event at Ushaw today Sunday 23rd July. It is a chance for us to get to know each other and to pray together.

The afternoon starts at 2.00pm, and you are invited to bring a picnic, to join in games and activities for families, and to enjoy the grounds and the buildings at Ushaw. There will be light snacks and drinks available, and the chance to see several exhibitions in the college, including ‘Secret Faith’, a new exhibition of artefacts made by Catholics during the 16th-19th centuries, when Catholicism was illegal. If you would like to join one of the tours (the General Tour, Hidden Ushaw or the Stained Glass), the cost is £5.00. The afternoon will conclude with Vespers in St. Cuthbert’s Chapel at 5.00pm.

When you arrive at Ushaw, a good place to start is the main entrance hall, where there will be information about what is happening where, where to meet for tours and the arrangements for Vespers.

You can find up to date information on the development of Partnerships in our Diocese in the ‘Partnerships Area’ of the diocesan website, Check it out!

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