St Leonard’s School

Congratulations to students, staff, parents and governors of St. Leonard’s Catholic School who were inspected on 22/23rd November 2017 by the Hexham and Newcastle Diocesan Inspectors. The Inspectors’ assessment of the Catholic Life of the School was outstanding, ‘…students are involved in a range of ministries and are eager to contribute’. In Collective Worship the assessment was again outstanding, ‘Students and staff are involved in the preparation, planning and leading of prayer and liturgies’ and ‘…students value the prayer life of the school and enjoy the range of opportunities to pray each day’ . In Religious Education the assessment was also outstanding with ‘Results at GCSE and A- level … high and above the national average’ and ‘Pupils enjoy their learning and achievement is strong’. This resulted in an overall ‘outstanding’ assessment. Once again many congratulations to all concerned. The full Section 48 report is available on the school website:

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