A Message from Vietnam

From Fr Thomas Vu kim Long, Salesian Priest, Rector of the Vocational Training Center of Đông thuận, Vĩnh long in Vietnam. Through Mr Peter Hampshire, I received from you an amount of £801.64 for the scholarship to our poor pupils. I’m very touched and happy about it. This school year, we need $35,000 to help 38 pupils, including 11 orphans, 16 ethnic minorities and 11 pupils who do not have money to go to school. Your money expresses a great love and a boundless generosity of the parishioners to share with our poor children. We are very happy to have people who are interested in and collaborate with us in educating the young people. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.” Peter adds that, after consulting the Director, he spent the remaining £75 of the parish donation on activity books to be used by the students in his English class. Please continue to pray for Peter, and for the Salesian project in Vietnam.

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