Doubt no longer, but believe

Jesus’ disciples had watched him die on the Cross. It must have been hard to believe that God had raised him from the dead, until they saw the risen Christ with their own eyes. No wonder that Thomas has doubts. His reaction is very human: “I refuse to believe, unless I can see and touch for myself.” But perhaps it was even more difficult for the disciples to believe that Jesus had forgiven them for abandoning him when he was on trial for his life. When Jesus came to the disciples, they were locked in a room, fearful of the Jews and – no doubt – ashamed of having let their Lord down. But Jesus comes, not to reproach them for their betrayal, but to offer forgiveness and peace. Even for Thomas, there are no words of accusation, only a call to believe. Jesus goes on, “Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe.” Our faith in Christ is based on the testimony of those who saw him. As St John says, our faith is our victory over the world.

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