You may have seen or heard recent news coverage about the future of this amazing Fair Trade business being at risk. A number of us are asking “What can we do?” The short answer is BUY MORE FROM TRAIDCRAFT!

In these most challenging times, the organisation needs a really good trading period between now and Christmas. As well as groceries, they offer a wonderful range of Christmas decorations, gifts and cards. Their Autumn collection includes a wide collection of handmade homewares, from recycled glassware to handcrafted cushions and soft furnishings.

Please consider doing the following:

  • Visit our parish Traidcraft stall
  • Shop online, discover more about the organisation, its impact, and how you can support it…….and encourage friends or family to do the same
  • Buy your tea, coffee, biscuits and cleaning products from Traidcraft. They even stock toilet roll!

Traidcraft has thanked everyone who has regularly supported their work of Traidcraft over the last 39 years. Your regular purchases really do make a difference in the lives of producers in some of the world’s poorest communities.

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