Leave me Lord, I am a Sinner!

Today’s Gospel recounts the day when Simon’s life changed forever. He spent the morning listening to Jesus preaching the Word of God to the crowds. Then, at Jesus’ word, Simon and his friends put out their fishing nets, though these experienced fishermen wouldn’t expect to catch anything in the middle of the day. When they did net a tremendous catch of fish, Simon, understandably, felt overwhelmed. His reaction – ‘Leave me Lord, I am a sinful man,’ would probably be ours, too. But Jesus chose this sinful and imperfect man for the leading role among his disciples. Simon would preach the Gospel and draw men and women to Christ, and he would become Peter, the rock on which the Church is built. He responded immediately and generously to the Lord’s call, leaving everything to follow him.

Like Peter, Christ calls us to be his disciples and witnesses. Like Peter (and like the prophet Isaiah), we may feel unworthy, and yet the Lord calls us. He will provide the catch. All he asks of us is a generous response.

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