A Glimpse of Glory

Jesus takes Peter, James and John, his closest disciples, up a mountain to pray. There, they share in an extraordinary experience: a glimpse of Jesus’ glory as the Son of God. The disciples see Jesus in conversation with two great figures, Moses and Elijah, representing the Law and the Prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures. And they hear the voice of God the Father from heaven. No wonder they are overwhelmed – and terrified.

Jesus has just told his disciples that he will have to suffer and die, before rising from the dead. After coming down from the mountain, he will begin his journey to Jerusalem, and to his passion and death. This vision of Jesus’ glory gives the disciples a glimpse of who he really is, and of his fidelity to his Father’s plan. Resurrection will come after death; glory will come after suffering. The Lord calls us, his disciples, to walk with him all the way to Calvary, so that we can share in his resurrection.

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